Report a Claim


After an auto accident or damage to your property it is important to report the loss as soon as possible.  Most companies now have direct reporting services to speed up the process.  Here is a listing of those numbers to assist you.

For Homeowners:

Andover Companies
(including Bay State, Cambridge and Merrimack Mutuals)   
Bunker Hill Insurance Company  888-472-5246
MPIUA (FAIR Plan) 800-490-0047
Narragansett 800-343-3375
Quincy Mutual 800-490-0047


For Autos:

Plymouth Rock Assurance Corp.    888-324-1620
Quincy Mutual 800-490-0047
Quincy Mutual (glass claims only) 866-423-7197

For all other companies or if you wish to speak with a Columbia representative please call us directly at 800-559-5553 or CLICK HERE.