Report a Glass Loss


With the wintry weather adding salt, sand and pothole debris to everything else that is on the roads and ice flying off the cars and trucks in front of us it is easy to see why broken windshields are so common around here.  Fortunately, getting a windshield replaced is an easy process in MA.

In most cases the insurance company involvement is minimal and the time required to repair is short.  If you find you have a broken or cracked windshield this is what you should do.

Use a glass company that you trust. 

If you do not know any here are two that have been providing trusted service to our customers for a long time.  Call or click below to schedule an appointment.


New Angle Glass 800-642-7373
JN Phillips  877-288-6452


These companies have multiple locations throughout Eastern Massachusetts and provide mobile services for your convenience.


The glass company will contact either Columbia or your insurance company to confirm that you have Comprehensive coverage and whether you have a glass deductible.   Once coverage is confirmed an appointment for repair can be scheduled.  The glass company will bill the insurance company for all costs above any deductible.  At Columbia we never recommend a glass deductible to our clients as the savings are so small that it is not worth the aggravation at loss time.


It is important to make sure that the glass company will accept the insurance company’s pricing plan before you have any work done.  You do not want to find out after the repair is done that there is a gap between what the glass company wants to charge and what the insurance company is willing to pay.  The companies listed above honor the pricing plans of the insurance companies Columbia represents, as well as, most of the insurance companies doing business in Massachusetts.