Auto Insurance

It’s a fact.  You cannot live in MA and legally drive your car without insurance.   The question is not whether you should get auto insurance.   It is where to get it.  Some companies have been quite successful selling one-size fits all insurance plans.  In fifteen minutes they can get you “legally insured”.  For those people who buy auto insurance solely because the state makes them fifteen minutes is probably all it takes.

At Columbia we know that there are a lot more people who view auto insurance as an important part of their financial plan.  Those people may want to spend more than fifteen minutes discussing how their auto policy can be tailored to fit their plan.  When you hire Columbia Insurance our time is your time.  Whether you need fifteen minutes or fifty we will work with you to design your policy to meet your needs.   And, we will come to your office so you don’t have to come to ours.


Auto Insurance

Workplace Auto Insurance Programs

Our Workplace Programs cost the employer nothing but give their employees the opportunity to receive additional discounts on their personal automobile insurance.  Their employees may pay less for their car insurance but the service they receive is not less.  In fact, we believe they receive far better service through our programs.

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Big Week for Motorcycles

Laconia Motorcycle Week kicks off tomorrow. To everyone attending have a fun and safe time. Weather is looking great. For those of us just travelling through NH and Southern Maine keep your eyes open. Motorycycles will be everywhere!

Auto Insurance

What Our Customers Say

Christine and her team at Columbia Insurance provide their customers with outstanding service. They are great at responding quickly, efficiently and help deliver to each client’s specific insurance needs."


Maria DeLorenzo Office Coordinator, Employee Experience

"What I like about the auto program with Columbia is that it's easy. i would say that is the most important thing in this day and age, ease of use. All I have to do is call Columbia Insurance, give you the information and know that everything will be taken care of. Also, I never have to see or pay a bill because it all automatically deducted from payroll."

Catherine M. Coggins, Vice President of Human Resources, American Council for International Studies

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