At Columbia we work hard to protect all of our clients’ valuables, including their free time.   We know the last thing our clients want to do when they get home from work is to deal with insurance.  That’s why we offer free on-site service and Registry service.  We spend our days travelling throughout Greater Boston meeting our clients at their workplaces to take care of their insurance needs.  When our clients go home they do what we all want to do.  They Relax!

Emmanuel College has had a relationship with Columbia Insurance for over ten years and has been very happy with the level of service our employees are provided.  Christine Pierce will come to campus, whenever I request, to meet with employees about their insurance needs and ways Columbia can help them save money.  It’s a great benefit we can offer everyone!

Scott Lerner

Associate Director of Human Resources

Workgroup Program

At Columbia we are a leading agency provider of workplace auto and home insurance programs in Massachusetts. Our Workplace programs cost the employer nothing but give their employees the opportunity to receive additional discounts on their personal automobile and homeowners insurance. Employees may pay less but the service they receive is not less. In fact, we believe they receive far better service through our programs.

The reason for this is simple. Our workplace insurance programs are designed to save the employee both time and money. 

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