Before You Take a Ride this Spring Call Your Agent!

We're almost through February and the temperature is going to hit 55 degrees this weekend.  Around here that's the signal for motorcycle enthusiasts to drag their bikes out of storage and get them ready for the riding season.  Before you take your bike out for its annual "Let's just make sure it still runs" cruise, call your insurance agent!

Why?  Because in the Northeast where the riding season can be short and the winters long many owners strip the insurance coverage off of their bikes when they store them away.   They figure why pay for collision coverage or high liability limits while the bike is buried in the back of the garage.  Then four months later the weather starts to break and Spring Fever hits.  Next thing you know the bikes have been dug out and ready to go.    If you are one of these owners please remember that unless you have actually talked with your agent the motorcycle is insured as if it was still in storage.

Leaving a message on your agent's phone or email before you take your bike out doesn't cut it in Massachusetts.  You actually have to receive confirmation from the agent that your better coverage is back in place.  So be proactive.  Call your agent and get that coverage back on today.  Then go enjoy this nice weekend!

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