Faded Inspection Stickers

Massachusetts inspection stickers issued between January 1 and January 5, 2022 may appear faded on the windshield due to a printing error.  Applus Technologies (Applus), the state's vendor has supplied dealers and inspection stations with new stickers so there should be no issues going forward.   The faded stickers are valid but recipients of those stickers […]

Assignment of Regular MA Plates

Last week the RMV announced that it is now permissible to reassign regular Red plates to a different person. Previously only Reserved or Vanity plates could be reassigned, usually to a family member. Family members who wanted to take over their mom or dad’s regular plates were out of luck. Now you can. Remember we provide free Registry service for our clients so call us at 781-598-5000 if you need help.

Registering a Trailer (Part II) – Get a Proper Bill of Sale

In my last blog I told the tale of two customers who bought watercraft from private parties and the trailers that carried the watercraft were included as part of the sale. Last time I stressed the need to have proof of prior ownership in order to register the trailer in MA. In this blog I will stress the need to get a bill of sale that lists the trailer separately from the boat including the price paid. These days the sales tax for the trailer is paid at the RMV at the time it is being registered.

Registering a Trailer – Get Proof of Ownership

We have had two clients in the last two weeks come in to register trailers that they bought out of state from private parties. In both cases the trailers were boat trailers and were thrown in with the purchase of watercraft. Also in both cases our clients had bill of sales from the prior owners but nothing that proved the persons who sold the trailers actually owned them. What constitutes proof of ownership?

Save Time by Completing Real ID Application Online.

I went to the Wilmington RMV yesterday to get my Real ID. The Registry was surprisingly light on foot traffic and because I pre-filled my application online I was in & out in 10 minutes. If you complete your application online the Registry will give you a PRIORITY number which moves you through faster.

Insurance While Driving Abroad

I am heading out soon with friends for my first trip to Ireland . We will be renting cars to travel around and I am a bit anxious about driving on the left side of the road. As such I want to make sure my insurance is in place.

RMV Wait Times

One of the services we offer our customers is free Registry services. Yesterday was my turn to head over to the local RMV branch to register a car for one of our clients.

Tree Damage, Who’s Responsible?

It’s very blustery in Lynn today so I was not surprised when I got a call telling me that a tree limb had fallen on a car parked around the corner from my office.

Is That Moped Cutting in Front of You Insured?

I was cutting through Lynnfield on my way home the other night when a group of 7-8 scooters passed me going the other way. I was chuckling to myself that this was the first scooter “gang” I had come across.

Say Hello to Ice Dam Deductibles

As I mentioned last week last winter’s record-setting snowfall in MA resulted in unprecedented damage to homes and condos due to ice dams.

Ice Dams and Condo Insurance

Last winter’s record-setting snowfall in MA resulted in unprecedented damage to homes and condos as a result of ice dams.

Auto Insurance Surcharge Thresholds Double!

Great news everyone! As part of the budget just signed by Governor Baker the thresholds used to determine surchargeable automobile accidents have been raised to $1,000 for minor accidents and $5,000 for major accidents.

Heads Up! Get Your Headlights On!

Effective April 7, 2015 a new law goes into effect that will require all vehicles in MA to turn their headlights on whenever the weather conditions require the use of windshield wipers

Columbia’s Clients in the News!

Congratulations to Matt and Joanna O’Neil of the Blue Ox of Lynn for their 1st Place finish at this year’s Boston Magazine’s Battle of the Burger sponsored by Amstel Light.