Save Time by Completing Real ID Application Online.

I went to the Wilmington RMV yesterday to get my Real ID. The Registry was surprisingly light on foot traffic and because I pre-filled my application online I was in & out in 10 minutes. If you complete your application online the Registry will give you a PRIORITY number which moves you through faster. I have to give credit to my wife, Kathy, for alerting me to this. A couple of weeks ago she and my daughter, Janie, went to get their Real IDs. Kathy completed her application online and Janie did not. Although Janie was one person ahead of Kathy in line, Kathy was called about 20 minutes before Janie.

Here is the link to the online application: Make sure you complete your application online before going to the Registry! I attached this picture to remind everyone how bad the lines at the RMV can be.