Tree Damage, Who’s Responsible?

It's very blustery in Lynn today so I was not surprised when I got a call telling me that a tree limb had fallen on a car parked around the corner from my office.   As I am always searching for a new picture or blog topic dealing with insurance I decided to take a look.  The picture above is what I found. 

As I came upon the scene a DPW worker was already there moving the rest of the tree out of the street.   When I approached the car to take some pictures the DPW worker explained that the tree was rooted on private property so the car owner was going to have to find out who owned the property.   That is when I got to show my insurance expertise and explain that most likely wouldn't be necessary.   Unless the property owner had been negligent in maintaining the tree, which basically means he disregarded an order from an authority to take down the tree or remove limbs,  the responsibility for insuring the damage falls solely on the car owner. 

If you look carefully at the picture you will see that this car suffered a broken windshield, dents to the hood and roof, and scratches to the passenger side.    That's just what we can see from this picture.  The damage to this vehicle will easily run in the thousands of dollars.  As long as the car owner has purchased Comprehensive coverage then his policy will cover this loss less the deductible.   If he did not then this will be a costly as well as a blustery day.

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